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Preparing for Success: The Role of Montessori Education at Harrods International Academy

The Role of Montessori Education at Harrods International Academy

Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, the Montessori method of education fosters a child-centric learning approach that is based on child-led activities that are assigned by teachers who promote the value of independence among their students. The success of Montessori education relies on the fact that children learn more effectively when they are allowed to choose what they would like to learn. At Harrods International Academy, we keep the spirit of Montessori education high and promote success through Montessori by encouraging hands-on independent learning and social interactions that work wonders to contribute to holistic development of students from physical, emotional, social and intellectual perspectives.

Montessori Education Benefits

Before we discuss how the Harrods International Academy approach to Montessori education shapes children’s future in a positive manner, let us first understand how montessori education facilitates the holistic development of learners.

Self-Motivated Learners: This system of education allows children to explore and learn in their own ways, at their own pace. This helps them develop a deep curiosity about their environments and evolve as lifelong learners.

Better Problem Solvers: A Montessori classroom typically consists of children from multiple age-groups, which improves their peer-to-peer interactions. Children of multiple age groups engage in a joint mission of discovery, develop a sense of camaraderie and learn ways to resolve differences. Montessori also emphasises the importance of cultural diversity. Children from diverse cultural backgrounds interact with one another, understand cultural differences and develop tolerance, which goes a long way to help them evolve as 21st century citizens in the future.

Advanced Reading and Mathematical Abilities: Students pursuing Montessori education develop a reading habit and a deep understanding of mathematical and abstract concepts. A study conducted in 2017 with 140 students revealed that students enrolled in Montessori programmes had stronger maths and literacy skills than the students enrolled in other programmes.

Confident, Compassionate and Polite Children: Respect forms the core of Montessori education. All students are treated with respect and this makes them demonstrate high self-esteem and respect, compassion and kindness for others as well. Montessori education also facilitates development of key life skills. Montessori students often demonstrate great skills in organising, cleaning and performing household tasks. With time, this helps them evolve as adults who can independently take care of domestic chores and maintain their spaces in their households.

The Harrods Way of Montessori Education

We at Harrods International Academy, focus on developing independent learning skills of our students.

Child-Centric Classrooms and Tools: Our classrooms are designed to let our students enjoy the natural light and get adequate spaces to play, learn, discover and connect with each other. We use diverse tools, including sensory based materials, to let children gain a deep understanding of vocabulary as well as abstract concepts. This approach helps boost the concentration and communication skills of learners.

Enhanced Social Interactions: We organise diverse activities that promote group interactions. Students learn from one another, and during the process, they develop the values of tolerance, inclusion and acceptance.

A Love for Learning: In all our initiatives, we make sure that children perceive learning as an enjoyable, continuous journey. With programmes specially designed to evoke children’s curiosity about the world around them, we strive to develop a love for learning, which goes a long way to help students during their higher education.

The Early Years Campus

Located at Khan Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, the Early Years campus accommodates Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception 1& 2 and Kindergarten 1 & 2 students. While the national Kindergarten 1&2 programmes are influenced by the Montessori method, our Early Years programme, in general, combines the best features of the Cambridge curriculum and the Montessori method.

Engaging Learning Spaces: Our tech-enabled classrooms are the perfect spaces for our students to engage in collaborative learning.

Cosy Play Area: Our playground is a welcoming spot for children to engage in active play and interact with each other.

Swimming Pool: Our well-maintained swimming pool allows our students to learn and master the tactics of the sport.

Transportation Services: We provide safe and affordable transportation services to our students.

Parent Meeting Room: We have a dedicated space where parent-teacher collaborations are facilitated.

Health Clinic: Our health clinic is run by experienced healthcare professionals who ensure the wellbeing of our students.

Looking to get your child enrolled at the best Montessori school in Phnom Penh? We invite you to join our international school community and witness your child’s development into a 21st century learner. Contact Us now if you wish to get more details about programmes, fees and enrollment.