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Creating Awareness and Resilience in Education - C.A.R.E

Programmes designed to ensure support and safety for students.

Our well-designed C.A.R.E programme takes inspiration from the best practises in student development around the world. It allows teachers and administrators to provide the right academic and socio-emotional support to students which will shape their schooling years into meaningful learning outcomes.


We give special preference to teaching languages to students which include international languages like English and mother tongue for locals. English As Additional Language (EAL) is a programme for students from non-English speaking backgrounds to help them with fluency at various levels. Teachers also hold assistance classes for those who need special assistance.


Our schools provide counselling for students who need academic, social and emotional support. Counselling programmes are held for students who may have behavioural issues and need support socially. Career Counselling programmes are held for older students who need guidance on the right educational paths for their higher studies.

Special Education Needs

The curriculum of special education schools is tailored to support children with learning needs. Sans children with severe physical needs, Harrods schools are a recommended choice for students with unique needs during schooling years. Every teacher, and classroom assistant is trained in Special Needs, Occupational therapy, speech therapy etc.

Remedial Classes

Students at risk of failing core subjects, or having difficulty with their learning are part of the remedial classes which are held on weekdays at lunchtime or after school on Saturdays.

Anti-bullying Ambassadors Programme

Our schools are proactively tackling the menace of bullying through communicative and educational activities that help make our school environment bully-free. We implement practices like students policing, monitoring to keep vigil, and encourage open talks about bullying within the premises. Complaints about bullying are handled with care keeping privacy and safety in mind.