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Admissions for the 2024 – 2025 academic year are now open.

Harrods 2023 Summer Programme - 7

Harrods Learning Pathway

Giving students a clear path to educational success

What we offer

Our accredited dual learning allows students to follow the international and national pathway towards tertiary education. From age 5 to 19 years, students learn international curriculum pre-nursery to Year 13, equivalent to national curriculum KG to Grade 12, where they discover abilities and polish skills to achieve success at school, university and work.


Each pathway has assessments which use clear rubrics to help students make meaningful progress towards mastering this learning journey.

Secondary Years (13-18 yr)

Prepare your child for his or her future beyond the classroom through our Dual Curriculum or Full Day International Secondary Programmes.

Cambrige ‘A’ Levels

Through bespoke teaching and learning, IGCSE students can make their way to Cambridge A levels for Year 12-13 and Grade 12 National Exams

Harrods University Foundation (HUF) Pathway

Students are guided through their secondary years to a HUF Pathway where they can polish their foundation, get into a bridging programme to secure a university placement

Harrods Secondary Certificate (HSC)

Students can opt for this programme right after Lower Secondary and complete their studies to find a place in the university of their choice

Further Learning

Our three pathways to tertiary education follow IGCSE and help students the right fit for completing their university education