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HIA Offers Tertiary Education for a Successful University Life

HIA Offers Tertiary Education for a Successful University Life

Harrods International Academy Offers Tertiary Education for a Successful University Life

The years leading up to university are exciting. It is a time for a student to learn to work hard, get an idea about what they would like to study in the future and prepare for the pressure of university. It’s best to send your student to a top English international school in Cambodia to have the best possible experience during these years. At Harrods International Academy, there are three different pathways for students to choose for their tertiary education. All programmes are equivalent to Grade 12 in terms of National Exams.

Tertiary Years Offerings

Not all English schools in Cambodia offer choices for tertiary education. However, we know that all students are unique and likely to have different ambitions for the future. When students are offered options, they get to choose the best programme as per their needs and interests. It also gives students ownership of their education, so they become more motivated and show more interest in what they are learning. Each pathway also includes assessments with clear rubrics to help them mark progress. These rubrics allow students to gain a clear understanding of how to master their learning journey. Here is a look at the offerings for tertiary education at HIA.

Cambridge Advanced ‘A’ Levels

If you are looking for a Cambridge school, consider this programme. This is the first pathway to university education and is available after year 11. Students can choose this two-year option for study during Years 12 and 13.

Harrods University Foundation

The Harrods University Foundation is the second pathway to university education. This programme is terrific for students who wish to go on to study at international universities. Students can participate in a 9, 12 or 15-month programme to build a solid foundation for the university.

Harrods Secondary Certificate

The third pathway to university is Harrods Secondary Certificate. Students opt into this programme after Year 9, which spans Years 10 to 13. This path is recommended for students who plan to study at local universities. In addition, it’s possible to apply for HUF post-IPC if a student wishes to study abroad.

Once the student has advanced through International primary and secondary school, it’s time to make the choice for tertiary education. The staff at HIA is happy to provide more details about each programme so your child can make the best choice.

Benefits of HIA’s Tertiary Education

Whether a student has attended an international school in Phnom Penh, a school in a different part of the world or has been at Harrods International Academy since early years of school, the tertiary education experience here has many benefits. These include:

  • A choice of three different programmes that reflect a student’s future goals and university path.
  • Students make life-long friends with others who share their academic goals and aspirations.
  • Each pathway includes assessments with clear rubrics to aid students in their educational journey.
  • Our pathways allow students to succeed globally.
  • We are a leader in education in Cambodia and a member of the Global Schools Foundation.
  • Our committed and caring staff helps each student choose the best pathway and succeed in their chosen programme.
  • We provide spacious and modern classrooms with an exciting and engaging curriculum.
  • HIA strives to promote life-long learning and curiosity through collaboration and critical thinking.
  • Our prime location caters to those searching for British schools in Phnom Penh.

Why Harrods International Academy Is One of the Best International Schools Cambodia Has to Offer

When parents search for private schools in Phnom Penh, they have numerous choices. It’s clear that Harrods International Academy tops the charts because it is the fastest-growing school in Global Schools Foundation. We serve 1,983 diverse students of 28 different nationalities across six campuses. Our range of programmes serves students in their early years through Year 13. Our goal is to help our students become problem solvers, analytical thinkers and life-long learners. This occurs through collaboration and independent work as well as feeding the curiosity and interests of each learner.

We have a global focus and promote interculturalism throughout our diverse student population and look to the future. Our staff strives for excellence and complexity in teaching standards. In addition, we value the local community and promote transparency and open-door relationships with members of the community and believe in multi-tiered management and leadership teams.

Our core values drive our decision-making, policies and practices. We believe that each child is unique and that every child matters. Our school has strong leaders who pay attention to the details and serve students with integrity. We believe in the value of teamwork and strive to respect each other. All staff members are caring and passionate about what they do and do their best to instil a passion for learning into students.

Our Admissions Process

The admissions process at Harrods is simple, and admissions counsellors are ready to answer your questions and help determine if Harrods is the best fit for each child. If our school seems like a good fit, there is a simple five-step process to follow:

  1. Fill out an application and submit any required admissions documentation.
  2. Choose a time for placement testing. Once the test is completed, the results are ready within three working days.
  3. Once an Admission Offer Letter is issued, each family has five working days to confirm whether or not to accept a place at our school.
  4. When the placement is confirmed, an invoice is issued and must be paid by the date on the invoice.
  5. After all the formalities are over, the student may attend classes and begin their orientation.

If you are looking for a top English international school in Cambodia for tertiary education, consider Harrods International Academy. If you would like any additional details about our programmes or have any further questions, please contact us.