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5 Reasons Parents Choose HIA’s International Early Years Curriculum

5 Reasons Parents Choose HIA's International Early Years Curriculum

Five Reasons Why Parents Choose HIA’s International Early Years Curriculum

Harrods International Academy prepares children for academic and personal success. HIA’s International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) lays a strong foundation for your child’s academic, social, emotional and personal development. Children in preschool, kindergarten and the early years thrive in the IEYC’s child-centred and play-based learning environment.

Designed for children between the ages of one and a half and six, every aspect of the internationally recognised IEYC programme nurtures your child and supports their holistic growth. Your child thrives in and out of the classroom at international schools in Phnom Penh with the relevant, contemporary and comprehensive IEYC curriculum. Seven foundations support your child’s learning and include:

  1. Focus goals for individual children
  2. Enact a progressive pedagogy
  3. Promote learning for all children
  4. Create globally competent learners
  5. Offer unique assessments for knowledge, skills and understanding
  6. Connect learning across subjects and disciplines
  7. Commit to improving learning


Here are the benefits of IEYC and five reasons parents searching for quality education in Cambodia choose HIA for their young children:

1. Children Learn Best Through Play

Play is essential for your young child’s learning and development. Playing ignites their creativity, curiosity, imagination and wonder. Likewise, children learn best when they use their curiosity to interact, experience and engage in fun and interesting ways with the world around them, which ignites their lifelong love for learning. This approach lays a foundation for learning and provides a seamless transition between the early years school and compulsory education.

The IEYC prioritises play while engaging and motivating children to learn. We incorporate a Montessori approach that develops your child’s academic, personal, social and emotional skills in a fun, nurturing and caring environment. Experienced teachers guide children during instructor-led and child-led activities. Children feel safe, engaged and excited to learn essential academic skills like counting, reading, science and languages while honing their ability to communicate and share during play.

2. A Child-Centred Approach Sparks Your Child’s Genius

Every child possesses a spark of genius that makes them unique. Because each child learns best through different methods and at a different rate, IEYC provides numerous ways for children to learn at their pace. The child-centred curriculum is designed to meet each child’s unique needs and give them agency over their education.

In IEYC at English schools in Cambodia like Harrods, children receive a well-rounded, child-centred education built on research. Trained teachers create a responsive environment that’s proven to promote learning. Here, children interact with a variety of toys, objects and activities that ignite their passions, hone their skills and develop their abilities. The child-initiated pedagogical approach utilises current research and information about child development and education. Thematic units incorporate playful interactions that keep children involved in their learning. This approach nurtures each child’s potential.

3. The Comprehensive Curriculum Offers a Well-Rounded Education

Every aspect of the comprehensive, research-informed and evidence-based IEYC at British schools in Phnom Penh prepares children for the future. The innovative curriculum features thematic units. Children study core subjects like maths, science and languages. Furthermore, the qualified and experienced teachers at Harrods incorporate developmentally appropriate instruction in a fun and engaging environment that promotes agency and enquiry. Progressive pedagogy with a scaffolding technique adds deeper and broader information to your child’s foundation of knowledge. Ongoing assessments, evaluations and reflections verify that your child is integrating the material and is prepared to pursue education beyond the early years.

Your child also develops skills beyond academics. They engage in activities like storytelling, motor sensory games and physical play that hone motor skills, develop their senses and enhance communication. Likewise, the all-inclusive curriculum welcomes all nationalities and promotes kindness, compassion and empathy. These IEYC features and more, provide a well-rounded education that prepares your child to be a leader.

4. IEYC Is Internationally Recognised

Through IEYC, your child enjoys learning from an internationally recognised curriculum that prepares them for future education and real life. Children in over 60 countries study IEYC because the dynamic and engaging curriculum prepares children to thrive in our 21st-century global society. The seven foundations of the IEYC curriculum equip children to become reflective, curious and lifelong learners. Also, the holistic curriculum provides a solid foundation that exceeds local or national curriculum frameworks. The international focus ensures children are ready to move on to the IPC, IMYC or an alternative curriculum at a Cambridge school.

As one of Cambodia’s premier K-13 international schools, HIA uses IEYC because it supports every child’s education and prepares them for life. HIA is a member of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF) and our seven international schools nurture over 31,000 students from 70 nationalities. So, even if you move to a different country, your child could continue studying this dynamic curriculum. We train children to practise compassion and empathy as they interact with diverse classmates in our international primary school.

5. HIA Offers Dynamic Facilities

At HIA, we provide a modern, updated and nurturing school environment where children play, learn and grow. Every aspect of our facilities enhances learning and supports your child’s holistic development. And our qualified, empathetic and nurturing teachers are native speakers from various nationalities and backgrounds. They bring unique skills to the classroom, provide age-appropriate academic instruction, foster your child’s imagination and help your child reach their full potential.

Our interactive classrooms include books, toys, an outdoor playground and numerous spaces for children to play sports and games. In a supervised and safe environment, your child develops their academic, social and physical skills. For lunch, children dine on nutritious food prepared at the school or brought from home. We also provide a comfortable, temperature-controlled and adult-supervised nap room. These activities, and more, enrich and energise your child’s body and mind.

IEYC at private schools in Phnom Penh is a smart choice for children. The child-centred, well-rounded and internationally recognised approach utilises play to teach children and develop their essential academic, social, personal and emotional skills. Parents can support their children and contribute to their learning journey by engaging in the IEYC curriculum at HIA, a top English international school in Cambodia.