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The Role of Technology in Learning at Harrods International Academy

Technology in Learning - Harrods Cambodia

Instilling the spirit of the EdTech revolution lies at the forefront of how we create learning environments and experiences for our students. At all of our Harrods campuses, we implement technologies to make teaching and learning a smooth and fun experience for our students. Our technology-centric learning environments not only allow our students to learn about the latest and emerging technologies, but they also promote child-centric learning by letting students enjoy an environment that empowers them to explore things on their own.

Whether we need to train our students on the use of modern technologies in our state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technology (ICT) lab or we have to ensure that our students benefit from interactive learning experiences in the classrooms, we deploy technologies of diverse types to ensure that our students get an optimal exposure to the up-and-coming tools and technologies. Let’s explore some of the areas where technology deployment plays a key role in generating a great learning experience.


The ICT labs in our campuses feature modern facilities that enable students to learn the use of modern tools and master important digital skills that prepare them for the challenging professional landscape of the 21st century. In our campus 5 ICT lab, students learn the use of digital software, graphic designing and computer coding along with the use of advanced tools, which enhance their technical competency levels.

New-Age Classrooms

Our well-thought-out learning spaces feature modern learning tools that facilitate interactive learning sessions and collaborative activities, enriching the classroom experience and making learning all the more engaging. The classrooms in Campus 5 feature interactive smart boards that allow for creative, flexible, immersive and enjoyable experiences .

Science Lab

The science labs in all our campuses take our students through exciting journeys of experimentations and discoveries. Our students collaborate with each other and engage scientific research and discovery. Our well-equipped labs not only allow our students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts, but also prepare them for a future journey of scientific pursuits. Our Upper Secondary campus is specially noted for its Cambridge-approved and safety-guaranteed science lab where students engage actively in scientific research and hypothesis.


Our well-equipped auditorium hosts various events throughout the year, allowing our students to showcase their creativity and art to others. Our auditorium has the best audio-visual elements, which help make performances lively and engaging.

We, at Harrods International School, are looking forward to integrating technology in diverse areas of operations to make our processes smoother, easier and more efficient. Should you wish to get more information about our campuses, our international school community or the admissions process, feel free to contact us.